5 NFT Promotion Ideas to Start Today & Grow Awareness

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Starting an NFT project right now is an amazing idea as the market heats up for collectibles and NFT art. But something that needs to really be considered is the promotion and awareness side of any NFT project. Unfortunately, this is a big aspect of NFT project success that seems to be completely forgotten about in a lot of cases which ultimately leads to lackluster sales and deflates motivation.

The issue with project awareness is that it can be difficult to do, especially if you are not well versed in the crafty art of marketing. But again, I want to emphasize that it is crucial to focus on the promotion of your project in order to get feedback let alone sales.

Do not fear because I am here with insights and tips that has been generated from marketing in general as well as spending time looking at successful projects across all marketplaces, not just Kollect.me.

Below you will find some tips and tricks on getting started with the promotion of your project. Don’t forget to start small, learn, and grow your projects.

Create a Website

Rarely will you find a large-scale, successful NFT project out there that doesn’t have a website. We generally search for a website to gather information, be it social media links or more information so when it comes to an NFT project, which asks people to part with their money, it definitely makes sense as a time and money investment to get one built.

Whilst most purchases of your NFTs will probably be based on personal likes and interests, having a website is a necessity if you want to create larger projects which incorporate utilities or functions. Larger projects need to have a roadmap, easy access to social media links, additional information about the creator, and so on.

You can add most of this information to your profile and collection but ultimately you want to ensure credibility to your project by adding the finer details and information.

You have two options with a website – a minting site or a portfolio site. There are benefits and downfalls for both which I will discuss now.

Minting Site

Cost and time is required for the development of a minting site which can be quite a large investment for many projects and creators right at the beginning. But a minting site will usually have all of the information needed for buyers to make very informed decisions.

This information would include roadmap, creator background, project details and social media links plus whitelisting or private minting before the public auction goes live.

Another benefit would be that you can collect email addresses via airdrop/whitelisting for your project through a minting site. Whereas this is not possible with a marketplace. Having an email list can provide you with the early traction an NFT project might need to get sales and awareness going so this alone is worth the effort of building a minting site.

Portfolio Site

Alternatively, you can create yourself an artist portfolio site that still provides information about you and your projects but in a most bite-sized format. A dedicated one-pager per project ensures you can still provide the same information as you can with a minting site but it doesn’t require that much time or cost investment.

Because you are creating a one-pager on your portfolio site, the core information such as who you are and your social links will be easy to access (setting up individual social media accounts per project can be a good idea but only if you have a solid content plan and strategy otherwise it will take valuable resources away from your focus).

This is ideal if you happen to be starting out and growing your name in the NFT world. Having small projects to showcase your skills is an amazing way to grow followers, community, and demand for your work.

Host a Giveaway

Giveaways can be a fantastic method to boost exposure, increase followers, and increase engagement with your business. In particular, if the NFTs are new and acquiring some NFTs for free would benefit their users, this is an important consideration.

Giveaways are particularly beneficial in the case of NFTs since a large number of lower-cost products can be issued in large quantities and used to generate a greater return on investment in terms of promotional value.

 Tips for planning a successful giveaway are listed below:

  • Make a set of criteria for the offer specific to the creator’s objectives, ranging from increasing followers to promoting information. Following the project, re-sharing the post, posting a comment, and tagging friends should all be included as basic features, since these actions can all contribute to increase targeted traffic.
  • The giveaway should be held about a week before the project’s official debut to create excitement and anticipation while also providing participants with enough opportunity to share and understand the project successfully.
  • You should also provide a link to your NFT marketplace so that customers realize where they can purchase your NFTs and so that the NFT marketplace may share the link to your content.

Organize an AMA/ Livestream

It is a wonderful technique to build connections with viewers and convey a sense of live interaction by enabling users to ask questions and get answers directly from the spokesperson via AMAs or live-stream broadcasts. As a tool for providing background information and marketing the project in your own words, it is also quite beneficial for this purpose.

AMAs and live streams that are successful and attract followers must follow a few fundamental guidelines. These guidelines are as follows:

  • Ensure that you inform your audience before of the AMA date and that you set up an area (for example, a ‘ask me a question’ option on Instagram) where people may ask questions in advance so that you can prepare responses to them;
  • Create a list of around 15 questions and fascinating responses to give your viewers the impression that they are exceptional. Don’t forget to express your appreciation for their involvement in the AMA/Livestream;
  • Keep the session between 30 and 45 minutes in length to avoid losing your audience’s attention by going on for too long. As an extra bonus, the fascinating questions will be asked in the first 15-20 minutes of the session, and the remainder of the session could become similar or boring.
  • 15 minutes should be set out for a Q&A session, during which your followers may ask you any questions they may have. In addition to being an exciting method to communicate with your followers in real-time, it also gives them the impression that their ideas are valued.
  • To add some excitement to the proceedings, consider rewarding your users for attending the AMA with an NFT giveaway as a show of appreciation.

A community is built on authenticity and personality because people like to feel like individuals rather than a mass of faceless, anonymous users. They want to be able to put a name and a face to the goods they are purchasing.

NFT Launch Websites

NFT drop calendar websites can be super useful to get your project out there and known by a wider audience. That being said it is wise to do some research to ensure that the NFT platform you are most likely going to have to pay for has some traffic or a decent social media following.

There are quite a few out there and some are up and coming websites but I took the liberty of doing some good old research to confirm, with metrics, which NFT launch platforms you should focus on.

Based on 3rd party tools I have looked at the SEO side, specifically paying attention to Organic Traffic. There are also Twitter and Discord numbers as they tend to be the most popular for growing awareness and community, so I’ve included the numbers as well.





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