Artist Spotlight #1

Brazil Nut

With the exciting launch of the marketplace we couldn’t be more excited to start writing about the amazing and talented artists who’ll be dropping their art with us.

These artist spotlight articles are here to give you a hint of what’s to come but I highly encourage you to check out the upcoming articles title ‘Behind the Artist’. We take a deep dive into to artist’s world and mind to understand what their process is, how they operate and what you can expect from their style and future work.

Without further a-do, let’s jump straight into our very first artist spotlight post!

Nak Bali

Herri Susanto aka. Nak Bali, a spirited Indonesia-based digital artist, has grown to become one of the most well-known and respected designers in the world. His stunning scenes of nature and the universe, combined with the extravagant use of society’s familiar depictions has solidified his supernatural art at the forefront of the NFT space.

This combination is a feature of his art – providing pieces that prove to be both graceful enough to stand the test of time, and yet unique enough for the inquisitive mind in all of us. Herri’s dedication to his craft is a testament to his supportive and intense following. His fans have evolved into a full-blown team, providing a solid foundation for his NFT releases and an incredible facilitation of community.


Lucas Leon

Lucas is a Professional Illustrator and full-time NFT Artist from Villa Alemana, Chile. He is represented by The NFT Agency (CA) and Chimera Crypto Art (UK), and is a member of The Association of Illustrators (UK). He works as a Fine Art Illustrator, solely focused on making personal artworks. His surrealism combines a technique of analog drawing and pointillism, with digital painting. His inspirations are philosophy, psychoanalysis, and deep meditations about our existence.

He was First place winner in “Brightness Illustration Awards 2020” (UK) and Gold winner in “Global Illustration Awards 2020” (China). He says that he finds himself “more intimately in art when I go through all these details in the artwork because that teaches me deeply about existence, and I want to share it as best I can, in case something resonates, awakens, or heals us. At least I know that dedicating myself to art is dedicating myself to love – it is the work of expressing something honest. Despite our mistreated world and society, that love is in helping us to talk with the soul, from there I trust what comes out, I trust what connects, and what that disarticulates to build another rebel and more open being.”



When it comes to creating sci-fi worlds and the type of visuals you can only imagine in your dreams, no one’s creations paint that picture like Mostafa Khaled’s. His trademark lighting used throughout his artworks help to create feeling and raw emotion for the viewers. 

Mostafa hails from Cairo, Egypt which is home to some of the most beautiful man-made architecture in the world, this architecture inspires the creations of Mostafa. Growing up he was always inspired to create in any way that he could, he always felt a desire to express himself.

Having only been designing now for 3 years he has solidified himself very quickly within the design world as one of its top creators and his following is growing by the masses each and every single day.

Mostafa has been on a mission to release a new design every single day, remarkably, he has done that consistently now for over 3 years.


A thin line between

Anthony Edward (A Thin Line Between) is a digital storyteller from the UK whose style of art is determined by the message and the mood he is portraying at the time, hence the name A Thin Line Between. 

He uses art as a tool to motivate and inspire people around the world and to accomplish the goal he set to buy his son home.

So after sacrificing thousands of hours learning Adobe Photoshop he went on to win numerous digital art competitions, have his art shared by Adobe Photoshop, Phlearn (The largest Photoshop training platform where he learned) amongst so many more, and has had his art shared by over 200 million people worldwide via Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

He also teaches Adobe Photoshop to people in 6 different countries across the world.



Germán Benito, a seasoned graphic designer emanating from Spain, has a fiery passion for producing remarkably unique pieces of art. This eternal desire for creating has remained an integral part of his life for as long as he can remember. GerVisuals has solidified himself as a premier artist and influential member of the NFT community through his innovative artwork and consistent execution.

His dedication to his craft and ingenious techniques have lead to lucrative opportunities through digital art – like being featured by Photoshop and Wacom. Beyond his cutting-edge style and success in the NFT space, he has developed a substantial group of devoted followers on his social platforms, providing his NFT releases with enthusiastic collectors looking to support and promote his vision.

These incredible fans have fostered a loyal community surrounding Gervisual’s art – an exceptionally valuable and rare feature in the NFT space. 


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