Artist Spotlight #2

Brazil Nut

In round 2 of our artist spotlight, we take a look at 4 incredible artists who have amazing skills and an incredible collection of work. Be sure to check out their social channels to see more of their work and learn a little bit more about who they are.

Fabeeo Breen

Fabeeo Breen is a digital project that combines technology and technical experience with the fashion and sustainability sector. Starting his metaverse adventure in 2018: Fabeeo Breen is a completely virtual fashion brand that operates and exists in marketplaces and digital worlds, specializing in innovation and digitalization of the fashion industry sector.

Among the pioneers of crypto fashion art, he strives to study and deepen blockchain technologies releasing the first NFT in December 2020.

Today Fabeeo Breen is present on the main NFT and metaverse marketplaces through wearables for avatars and digital artwork.


Mikal James

I am Mikal James, an iron & digital artist creating in Lake Oswego, OR. My incredible wife and 2 amazing children give me the daily strength I need! My love for abstract artwork has been with me for as long as I can remember.

The organized chaos is calming for me. Growing up around classic cars, I had an early affinity for the beauty in 50’s & 60’s European car design and their simplicity of function. In my early twenties, I discovered the ability to work with Iron and I have been creating iron art as a hobby for 30 years. I have had the fortune & opportunity to design & build a concept show vehicle for Ford Motor Company which was displayed on stage at the 2004 SEMA show.

In recent months I have changed gears and given more focus and attention to my iron art. During this journey, I discovered the world of digital art and one night created my first piece using procreate on my daughter’s iPad. At that moment I decided to challenge myself to make one piece daily for a year. My digital pieces are a true representation of myself & the thoughts/emotions I had at the time they were created.

Some are harsh, others have a softer feel, some of them feel rushed while others appear more relaxed. Personally, I strive to make pieces that grab your attention and ideally create a visual impact with a strong positive signal. Should my artwork generate an emotion or create a personal connection for someone then I believe I have succeeded. I title my digital art with Braille as a reminder of the fortune we possess with the gift of vision & the ability to enjoy all the World has to see!


Raka Jana

Raka is an up-and-coming artist originally from a small village in the outskirts of Bali called Desa Tampaksiring, Indonesia. He has been in the creative industry for , illustrating ever since he was a young boy.

As a creativepreneur, he successfully founded a Design Studio: HNS Studio Bali, that has worked with 60+ clients including Google, The Bali Zoo, and others. What’s more, is he is super passionate about teaching young aspiring artists in Bali and founded a Digital Illustration and Graphic Design Academy to do just that.



AI Psoul (Alastair Peat) is a UK-based fine artist who primarily works within the digital/VR sphere. Having presented physical/digital installations in the past within the UK contemporary art sphere, his work focuses on themes of direction, dimension & geometric abstraction.

Taking influence from quantum physics, psychedelia & the evolution of consciousness, Alastair’s work refines and plays with novel themes to produce captivating visual spectacles.


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