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With an action-packed week of new artist launches, we are happy to introduce another, amazing NFT artist that goes by the name of A Thin Line Between. Grab some 🍿 and have a read of this brilliant Q&A.

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How did you get started with art?

I started with art by drawing my feelings as a child and experimenting with colour. I used art as the main way of expressing my feelings growing up. I have always been interested in storytelling and fascinated by how artists could translate a certain message or emotion and it made me want to be able to achieve the same.

I enjoyed art in school and studied it in college and graphic design in University. It’s always been my passion.

How did you discover NFTs?

I discovered NFTs in 2020 a short time before Beeple did his huge drop that sent shock waves through the entire art community.

What made you decide to get involved with NFTs?

I love the idea that people that enjoy and connect with your art have the opportunity now to own your art in their portfolio and the significance of your art impacts them enough for them to want to collect it. It rewards the artist and the collector of the art.

Can you tell us about your NFT journey so far? Any highs and low’s to share?

I haven’t actually done any art drops until this point as NFTs haven’t really been a priority for me. I wanted to ensure that if and when I did get involved with NFTs it was for the right reasons and I can offer a lot of value to collectors that invest in my artwork. All highs up until this point. I hear gas fees can get expensive.

How would you describe your style? Where does your inspiration come from?

I would describe my style as surreal, futuristic, inspirational and motivating. I am a contemporary artist whose style adapts to the message I am trying to convey. You will find a lot of light and colour in my work. I like to create beautiful lighting and drama.

What is your creative process when creating an NFT?

My art starts on paper in written form or on my notes on my phone depending on where I am when an idea hits me. A written description of the story and how I want the viewers to feel when they interact with the artwork.

From there I sometimes doodle or do a detailed sketch of the concept before starting to find reference images online via places like Google and Pinterest. Once I have finished my research. I’ll explore the composition and the colour theme of the art and bow to express the feelings I want to express and choose the focus points of the main subjects in the creative.

I love the soft round brush in Photoshop. I like to create my own unique brushes that I use in my art and find ways to utilise them throughout my projects. By the end of the project, I’ll start adding extra lighting and draw in on the areas of light I want to add an extra pop too. I usually finish in Camera Raw.

What are your thoughts on the future of NFTs?

I think we are right at the very beginning. My idea of the future of NFTs is that they will change the way we live our lives. The metaverse will be a huge place to be in the near future. We will be selling and buying homes as NFTs and places like schools and colleges will be selling their prospectus as an NFT.

The world will be impacted dramatically because of NFTs mostly positively in my opinion.

Are there any drops that you are looking forward to?

I am excited about all artists doing drops as they’re all getting the opportunity to make a living through selling their passion. There is no one artist or project I’m excited about in particular right now I’m just looking forward to seeing what’s to come.

What would be 1 piece of advice that you would give to a new NFT artist?

I would say do a lot of research. Use YouTube as a good starting place to learn and find out from other artists what things you need to look out for that could impact your process so you can try to avoid any unnecessary mistakes.

One more piece of advice would be to speak to agencies and see if you can help them and they can help you. Ask is my main bit of advice. If you don’t ask the answer is always no. Enjoy this revolutionary technology and learn all you can because it’s here to stay.


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