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Xander JamesNFT has been one of the first NFT artists to drop on the marketplace since launch and has so far seen some amazing results. Sales are great and people love the art which is being produced, asking and waiting for more.

So we took some time to have a Q&A with the artist to learn more about them, their thoughts on the NFT world and the future.

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How did you get started with art?

I was introduced to art at a young age, either as a kid at the kitchen table with the family or at school as a child. I remember specifically being drawn to sketching very young, approximately 9 years of age.

I would find a picture in a magazine and sit at the kitchen table and duplicate, on a piece of paper, those things I’ve found intriguing in magazines. I was never “judged” by my art early on, perhaps when I look back now and think about that fact, I find it appealing that I was just left alone to create.

How did you discover NFTs?

I discovered NFT’s via a perplexed co-worker. I happened to overhear a co-worker state “could you imagine…selling a jpeg for millions of dollars?!?”. Once I heard that I was intrigued. I ventured down the rabbit hole and was absorbed into this new world. After reading about this fascinating technology-driven form of expression, I was hooked! 

What made you decide to get involved with NFTs?

I decided to get involved in NFT’s for various reasons. The overarching reason is the ability to create and express freely. This digital world is ever-growing and gives users the ability to reach people like never before. Especially the way is approaching it! The user experience thus far has been clean and simple. The fact that technology has merged this deeply with art is a driving factor in my participation.

Another factor is the ability to escape from the craziness of everyday life! This global pandemic has stripped some of us of the freedoms that we may have taken for granted. NFT creation has opened a new door to community, expression, and even financial freedom for some…. It’s been a much-needed source of support for me! 

Can you tell us about your NFT journey so far? Any highs and lows to share?

My NFT journey has been nothing but rewarding for me. As mentioned earlier, this has been a means of escape from everyday stresses and a support structure when needed. This journey has reignited a passion of mine that has been long suppressed.

I have been blessed to have joined such a welcoming community on Twitter and I am always encouraged to continue creating. It’s fun, it’s easy and I enjoy it a lot more than I thought I ever would. The interaction with the community is the biggest reward, I feel that it continues to fuel the creative process.

How would you describe your style? Where does your inspiration come from?

As mentioned earlier, when I was a child I would find things that were intriguing and I would then create. It’s a very similar process now. Movies/shows, music, traveling, sports, food, animals, the list goes on and on. I get absorbed in how things operate and find myself studying random facts about almost anything.

My mind races with stories about the details behind the object or place and I often find myself dreaming up “what if worlds”. Inspiration can come from anything and anywhere but if I had to be more specific I tend to create art based on the senses and things I grew up with.

What is your creative process when creating an NFT?

Creating art is almost as natural as breathing and other times it’s frustrating, and forced. Depending on what scenario I may find myself in, I like to self-reflect on what I am feeling and or what has pushed me to create on any particular day which in turn “steers the creative ship”.

I typically run to pencil/pens and paper, sometimes dabble in watercolors, but have recently fallen in love with digital art pads! I use Linux on my ThinkPad and I love using open software to create. Something about it feels like “community” if that even makes sense.

What are your thoughts on the future of NFTs?

I believe that NFT’s open up another avenue in which people can create, share, and connect with one another. NFTs will continue to spread and continue to evolve to the point where they will be a factor in some shape or form in everyone’s life. Be it shopping, business, entertainment, etc, I can see NFT adoption increase drastically over the coming years. 

Are there any drops that you are looking forward to? 

I have been able to engage with multiple artists on and always find myself drawn to “A Thin Line Between” and “LucasLeonArt”. Their work is incredible and I look forward to purchasing some of their pieces moving forward.

As for my work, I have considered creating a series behind the life of my son but I am still contemplating how to proceed. As for now, I have been creating 1/1 pieces of things I love and find intriguing.. thus far people have been responding well to it! 

What would be 1 piece of advice that you would give to a new NFT artist?

The one piece of advice I would give would be simply this “do not suppress creation yet strive to build relationships through sharing your love, thoughts, words, and time”. This community is super supportive, don’t be afraid to start, sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do.


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