Introducing The Kollectors: NFT Collection

Brazil Nut

The Kollectors will be a limited 3D character collection created by to celebrate the launch of v2 NFT Packs.

The launch of this collection will provide collectors perks and benefits whilst also showcasing our new features such as the Super NFT. 

We are working on our roadmap which will put an emphasis on providing the ultimate experience for holders.


We are introducing our brand new feature which is called the Super NFT. What does this mean? A Super NFT is automatically given to a collector once they have acquired the whole collection from the NFT Packs. 

Super NFTs are rarer than legendary and provide an NFT that no one else can buy as the only way to acquire them will be by having the entire collection.

Super NFT Perk

Access to Discord channel which shares upcoming Pack launches 3 days before going live.

Validation: Share a screenshot of your user profile with Super NFT + Discord name via email to

Holders of the Super NFT will get access to:

  • Exclusive partnerships
  • Token/Staking
  • Charity contributions voted by owners
  • Merch/Products
  • AirDrops

We are currently working on getting the above setup and in place so keep a look out for updates on new partnerships, merch and more from The Kollectors.

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