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It has been an incredible 6 months since we first launched the Kollect.me marketplace. We have so far been able to grow a dedicated community of collectors and artists who have provided feedback, been patient with bugs, and have firmly put the wheels in motion for the success of Kollect.me.

During those initial months, we have been doing what we can to learn what will make the Kollect marketplace a powerhouse and leader in the world of NFTs and Web3. Now, we’ve got the first set of updates and features going live in the form of v2 within the next few weeks. 

The first batch of features and updates will provide some much-needed additions to help artists and creators flourish as well as ensure the experience for collectors continues to improve. 

Gamified Pack Experience + Brand New UI

We wanted to focus on creating an experience within the Kollect.me platform that was true to our name, collecting. Collecting has various meanings to people as there is a wide array of items that you can in fact collect, so this is where Packs will come in.

Many of us will remember the joy of opening a new pack, whether it be cards, sticks, magazines, gum, as it created an experience that has long stayed with us after many, many years. With the new era of NFTs and Web3, digital Packs are going to be what creates that sense of fun and excitement that the previous generations felt with physical collections. 

With this emphasis on collecting packs, we aim to create an improved NFT experience that goes far beyond what has been possible on Kollect.me to date. We are creating a gamified experience and adding an emphasis on utility for projects. There are a number of partnerships that we are working on so hold on to your hats!

Collection Packs Application Form

Alongside the Pack experience, we’ve got a new Home page coming which will take over from the current marketplace landing page that we have had since launch. There has been some spring cleaning with our look and feel of the entire website to better accommodate our Kollect.me brand which we are very excited about.

One of the main focus points for the home page has been to improve the discoverability of projects that are high quality in both design and functionality. With this emphasis on Packs we want to show off our shiny new feature but also encourage creators to develop their own Packs and launch them with Kollect.me  

Improved Marketplace Filters

The product and development team has been working hard to improve the marketplace filters to make it easier to find NFTs, artists, and collections. 

There will be ongoing work to consistently and constantly improve and refine filters. This will also be required as and when new NFT media types are added and features such as traits become active.

Royalties for Creators

This has to be one of the most highly anticipated/requested features, Royalties are now here and ready for artists to use on all future mints. 

You can select royalties 4 options of 0%, 2.5%, 5%, and 10% for that specific NFT you are minting.

Future royalty fees will be paid directly to your Kollect.me wallet address.

Lazy Minting

The marketplace has really been geared towards the creation of collections since its launch. However, as larger collections that are traits or generative based are created or desired, we needed to update our minting system to ensure it provides a cost-effective solution to NFT creators. 

This is where lazy minting comes into action. The system is pretty straightforward. The first copy will be paid for by the creator with additional copies being paid by the collector. 

By ensuring that the creator pays for the initial mint we can be certain that they have ‘skin in the game’ with the marketplace, meaning that there is a long-term focus, not a churn and burn style approach.

Crypto onramp to buy CKB with Credit Card

Thanks to the integration of Simplex into Kollect.me, buying CKB has never been easier. Now you can purchase CKB directly from within the marketplace using your credit card, ensuring a smooth and easy buying experience.

This brings us even closer to creating one of the easiest and smoothest NFT experiences in this space, which ultimately removes technical barriers of entry for non-native crypto users.

Implementation of the NRC-721 Token Standard

We covered this in a full article that breaks everything down, check it out here. Alternatively here’s a quick overview of the benefits of implementing NRC-721

  • Leaner and more efficient implementation
  • Faster minting at a greater scale
  • Anyone can mint; it’s fully decentralized

UniPass v3

  1. Users could take full control of their accounts. In v2, UniPass would store an encrypted Keystore for users. But in v3, we store no information regarding users.
  2. There is no password in v3 anymore.
  3. Blockchain users can register v3 with an EVM address through Metamask or walletconnect.
  4. Users can verify web3 addresses or web2 social accounts in UniPass to form an on-chain reputation.

With these latest updates coming in within the next couple of weeks we are already looking ahead and working on the next features of the launch. We plan to make rapid successive updates that will continue to improve Kollect.me for both buyers and sellers with a focus on improving the experience for non-native crypto users.

We are only just getting started and this new update is just the beginning of many great things to come throughout this year. Stay tuned for what will for sure be a fun ride through the NFT and Web3 world.

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