The Recipe for NFT Success

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As quickly as the world of NFTs has come to most of our attention, the number of artists and digital work has followed. We generally hear about the big sums of money being paid for various characters of pixel characters or obscure metaverse in-game add-on’s. Which naturally drives our interest and desire to get a piece of that NFT pie.

But, earning money within the NFT world requires more than just creating digital art, minting, and waiting. It requires a number of steps; authenticity, patience, and most of all a community that is built around an artist’s core values or beliefs.


The Basic Building Blocks of an NFT Community

1. What Are You Planning to Do?

Are you going to create digital art that represents you as an artist? Current events and world affairs? Or are you creating a metaverse-based game that will result in you creating NFTs which can be used in-game?

These two types of NFTs will have a completely different audience set. This means you need to know what you are planning to do with your NFTs first and then understand who your audience is going to be.

A gaming audience will likely react and act differently to art collectors. Their ambitions are different, the way they communicate across the web is different – think Discord VS Twitter – and what you communicate will vary too.

2. Create & Share Your Vision

Once you know what you plan to do with your NFTs you can start to create a vision. This vision is what will be shared with your audience who in turn will either believe in it and join your community or will not agree and move on.

The vision is what brings people together. Using the metaverse example again, a game the focuses on a genre and type of style might evoke a huge following simply because it’s what people are asking for.

If it’s digital art, art collectors generally like to hear a story behind the artist, behind the art itself and if it resonates with them, they join the community.

3. Choose Your Communication Channels

As mentioned, based on your vision and goals of your NFTs will determine where your ideal audience can be found and where you will be able to create a long-term bond via community building.

There are plenty of channels for finding audiences and communicating with them but generally speaking, the crypto/NFT audience sticks to some of the more ‘underground’ channels.

  • Discord: This has gone from gamers to the general crypto audience as it provides a great way to share plenty of information, get conversation started and engage with your community in far more interesting ways (voice, video, channels, mods etc) compared to old school social media.
  • Telegram: Low-tech, easy to use and easy to communicate with it being text first. This is particularly popular within the crypto/NFT world and continues to stay strong, assisting with the growth of NFTs and coins.
  • Reddit: Whilst it isn’t as engaging as Discord is, Reddit provides a far bigger audience that literally anyone can join and get started with a conversation. Some say that getting to top spot with your NFT can help drive immense audience and community growth via subreddits with likeminded users.
  • Twitter: Often hectic but full of engagement and conversation that always helps to get your NFT and vision out there. Easy to make announcements and plenty of opportunity to use hashtags to accelerate your message.

4. Build Excitement

This is marketing. This needs to be done for your NFT project to get seen otherwise you will create it and without doubt, it will get lost amongst all of the other NFTs out there.

Building excitement requires you to share details, the fine details that create a bond between artist and collector. When you consider the ‘bond’ that a behind-the-scenes Instagram post can create between a musician and a fan you really need to do the same.

Some ideas for building excitement:

  • Share your process
  • Create video content
  • Build a defined roadmap and showcase the milestones
  • With NFTs you can always provide giveaways and airdrops which always creates excitement
  • Get interviewed
  • Engage with audiences on Twitter and other communities (not spamming but engaging)

By all means, that is not a conclusive list but it does provide some foundational ideas to start building excitement which, if genuine, will produce a community as a return-on-investment of your time and effort.

5. Trust

Building community is tricky because you inevitably are a stranger on the internet, asking for money. Let’s be real about this. Now community means you have a following or a tribe of supporters who believe in you and your vision.

One of the biggest reasons celebrities seem to have great success selling their NFT designs is because they are known, there’s an element of trust thanks to years or months of community building via social media. They tend to have loyal fans and supporters and generally speaking, when they create an NFT it is an off-shoot of their brand which results in instant sales.


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